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Privacy policy

Last updated May 13, 2020

COVID Shield has been designed with user privacy as the top priority. We must strike a balance between protecting public health and preserving personal privacy, and COVID Shield takes a privacy-first approach. The COVID Shield app is designed to make it as difficult as possible for COVID Shield or others to link the information you choose to provide to you or your device, and to use this information only to enable exposure notification in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic.

What Information Do We Use?

In keeping with Google and Apple’s approach, COVID Shield is designed to collect and use as little personal information as possible in order to enable exposure notification. COVID Shield does not collect or use any personally-identifying information except for:

COVID Shield does not collect location data from your device, and does not collect or share information tying you or your device to either the Random IDs or Temporary Exposure Keys you generate.

When Do We Share Your Information?

We will not voluntarily share any of your personal information with anyone, except:

How Do We Protect Your Information?

COVID Shield protects Temporary Exposure Keys using Google and Apple’s Exposure Notification Framework, which includes very specific requirements as to how this information will be encrypted and transferred. COVID Shield does not store or generate your Random IDs—that is handled by your device.

Your Rights Over Your Information

Because we have no way to tie a Temporary Exposure Key or our Access Logs to you without your device, we have no way to securely provide you with or delete this information upon request. That said, you have complete control over your use of this technology. Your device should allow you to turn off exposure notifications or delete the exposure logs stored on your device at any time. Additionally, you can uninstall COVID Shield at any time. If you do so, all Temporary Encryption Keys stored by COVID Shield will be deleted.

If you have any questions or complaints about COVID Shield’s privacy practices, you can email us at